London, Paris and Brittany France (May 16 - 25, 2005)


We started our trip by flying to London (because it was cheap).  After spending a 

whole day there, we flew south to Paris.  We covered all the 'tourist spots' and 

of course, sampled all the French pastries and cheeses.  Then we took the train 

west to Brittany to visit our friends Peter and Ghislaine for a few days.


Karen and Destin at the House of Parliament in London



Karen and I having a bagette and cheese in the lawn at the Eiffel Tower



About to climb the Eiffel Tower



EIffel Tower at night



The tower sparkles for a couple minutes every hour



Mo - the world traveler!



Mo and Moet in Champs du Mar



View from atop the Eiffel Tower



Gargoyle watching over Paris



Visiting Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris



Don't forget to have 40 cents for the toilettes



Karen at Notre Dame in Paris



Back side of Notre Dame in Paris



French music fills the streets



Ready to drive thru Europe!



Driving through the French countryside towards Peter and Ghislaine



Our little 300-year-old cottage in Plouye, France



Destin and Peter near Huelgoat (nearest town to Plouye)



About to enter the walled city of Concarneau (southern coast of Brittany, France)



Inside  the walled city of Concarneau


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All pictures  Destin Bradwell 2005