Southern France, Andorra, Spain, the French Riviera and Monaco


The road-trip has begun.  We rented a car in Brittany and immediately headed

south to escape from the cold weather.  We'll visit the northern areas on the way 

back once it's warmed up.  


Waterfall along the side of the road near the border of France and Andorra.


'Pilgrims' leaving mass in Lourds (France)


Across the street from Lourdes' sacred Cathedral: Gift shops line the streets selling 

everything from Lourdes bottle openers to cheap containers they can fill with Holy Water.


Welcome to Andorra... we think?


Andorra: Here's the proof that we really were in Andorra.

(This picture was taken by the Border Patrol officer at the Spain/Andorra border)


After driving around Barcelona (Spain) in the middle of the night for several hours... 

we finally found what we were hoping to see: The Segrada Familia.  Its the most unusual 

cathedral we've ever seen and has been under construction for over 100 years!


The Basilica at Montserrat Monastery in Spain


Brrrrrr... touching the Mediterranean Sea for the first time (Calella, Spain)


The colorful beach town of Calella (Spain)


Matching hats for Karen and Mo... in downtown Calella.


Yummy... its great to be back in France!


Destin hoarding the warm French Baguettes (Sete, France)


A typical street corner in the old Roman town of Arles (France)


Welcome to a Roman Amphitheatre in France.  Complete with weekly bullfights!


St. Tropez - A trendy upscale hotspot for the rich and famous


We stood out like sore thumbs in our shorts and well-worn Birkenstocks!


Sunset before leaving St. Tropez


Someone's private island and castle off the coast of France



Yes... this is the famous French Riviera!


Not such a 'nice' beach in Nice... Where's the sand!



Entering the tiny (less than one square mile) Province of Monaco.


Monaco's famous casino for the elite


Next, we were off to Italy!


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All pictures  Destin Bradwell 2005