Italy's most-visited cities (Pisa, Florence and Rome)


After leaving the quaint coastal villages along the northern coast, we moved inland

to visit some of Italy's most famous landmarks.  Pisa was smaller than we expected,

Florence was very enjoyable, and Rome was just another big city... with some

amazing ancient sites scattered throughout the concrete jungle.  We enjoyed them

all... and then retreated back to the countryside.



Arriving at the campground inside Florence. 



View of Florence as we began our walk from our tent into the city



Florence's Santa Maria del Fiore - The Duomo



Trying to get in the side door...



Looking up at the inside of the Duomo - it was the lasgest of its time (1300s)



The 16th century marble work fills the floor of the Cathedral



Another aspiring artist creating a masterpiece... maybe the next Michaelangelo?



The Leaning Tower of Pisa - completed in 1350

(Galileo came here to conduct experiments with falling objects)



Been there... seen it... got a picture... moving on!



Of course then Mo was jealous, so he wanted a picture too (he's showing off)



The Roman Forum with the Colosseum in the background (in Rome)



The Roman Colosseum, commissioned in AD 72.   - Held 55,000 spectators!



Mo and Moet wanted their picture here too...



The pillars leading up to the Vatican



Inside the Catholicism's most sacred shrine - St. Peters

(took over a century to build)


One of the two minor copulas inside St. Peters



Ancient pillars of a powerful empire



These large towns were definitely worth a visit, but so far we tend to favor the

smaller towns with less tourism and more personality.


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All pictures  Destin Bradwell 2005