Asissi and Tuscan Hill towns (Central Italy)


Ahhhhh... this is more our pace.  Scattered among the rolling hills and meadows of 

Tuscany and Umbria are countless small isolated villages rich with culture and beauty... 

and virtually no tourism!



We're really getting into this camping thing...lots of pasta!



Arriving in Assisi with Karen and Gladys (the car)



Walking through the medieval town of Assisi



A 'hip' brother - modern-day Monk



Fragrant flowers fill the streets with an inviting aroma (Assisi)



Frescoes of the past still visable on the archways



Destin, being a wedding photographer just for a second...

(I liked this pic so much that I walked over and got their email so I could send it to them)



Mo and Moet preparing pesto pasta after an exhausting day of traveling



Arriving at the quaint little hill town of Civita di Bagnoregio (population: 15)



Civita's main charm is it's lack of tourism.  It feels like a real town!



Destin can't resist a flower picture here and there...



Pitigliano is another hill town we visited the same day (also lacking tourism!)



Inviting stairways pull you away from the main street



Our trilogy of virgin hill towns ended with a short visit to Sorano



Sorano residents really seem to love satellite TV (notice all the red dishes on the roofs)



We know how the rest of the world feels... and agree!


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All pictures  Destin Bradwell 2005