Ancient Pompeii (June 2005)


Ancient Pompeii, a town frozen in time after being destroyed in AD 79 by a violent

eruption from Mt. Vesuvius.  It remained buried under 30 feet of mud and ash until

excavations began in 1748.  



This was our first glimpse of the ancient city



We were surprised to see so much use of brick in the Ancient Roman construction 



View down one of the main streets leading through town



Still standing strong after over 2,000 years



This building, and countless others are still completely intact.  Notice the beautiful

detail on the walls and ceiling!



Many columns were constructed with brick center, and then covered over with a

smooth, cement-like finish.



Once a thriving commercial port of twenty thousand, many of the stone streets 

show evidence of the years of chariot traffic. 




View from the nose-bleed section of their 'small' amphitheatre. 



It was an eerie feeling walking the same streets that were once home to the

2,600 Romans who did not evacuate and were lost in the eruption.



Once last glimpse of Mt. Vesuvius as we continued heading south




Italy's Amalfi Coast


Just south of Mt. Vesuvius is Italy's Amalfi coast.  It is one of the most dramatic and

scenic drives that Italy has to offer.  Around every corner was another 500-foot sheer

drop-off to the rocky coast below.  During peak season in July and August, locals

are only allowed to drive every other day to make room for the daring tourists with

their rental cars and oversized campers.



Our ocean-front property for a couple of nights in Sorrento



Karen, preparing another gourmet pasta dish (while Destin 'stays busy' taking pictures'



The 'picture-perfect' Amalfi Coast



One of the secluded beaches only accessible by boat... or a long hike!



The town of Amalfi



The clear-blue waters reminded us of 'work' in the Caribbean



An office with a view... trying to get caught up with all the pictures...



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All pictures  Destin Bradwell 2005