Venice, Italy (June 2005)


Venice, a city like no other.  Originally built in the mud banks of a lagoon over 1,000

years ago, it is definitely unique.  There are no cars here... all traffic is either 

by boat or by foot.  At one time, Venice was the richest trading nation in Europe.

But after losing its independence in the 1797, development nearly stopped and the 

city looks much like it did long ago.  Needless to say, we loved it.  It was a bit touristy,

but we found our way into the local areas by the end of the day.



This was the Venice we expected... peaceful canals with gondola drivers serenading

their passengers...  how relaxing!



After traveling a couple more minutes up the Grand Canal, this was the scene.  We

felt like we were on I-95 trying to beat rush-hour traffic. 



Doge's Palace (the rulers residence)



We thought a gondola ride might be romantic, but it seemed more like a tourist gimmick.



Venice is sinking!  The pilings that have held these old building up are slowly

disappearing into the mud.  For example, the front door of this house has been

permanently sealed off to keep it from flooding.


St. Marks Cathedral - originally built to enshrine the body of St. Mark.  Destroyed by

fire in the 9th century, rebuilt and then destroyed in the 11th century to make room

for this spectacular structure.



We couldn't resist feeding the pigeons in front of St. Mark's.



Santa Maria della Salute - It's huge!  Built at the entrance to the Grand Canal in the 




Just a few 'blocks' away from the Grand Canal, there are no tourists in sight!



Curbside parking!



A 'romantic' ride through the narrow canals...



...seemed more like a tourist parade to us...



Canal-side dining was common in the 'local' section of town.  Everyone really

seemed happy going about their normal routine.



Makeshift archways keep the old buildings standing strait... as they sink!



The evening commute



No traffic down this 'road' at the end of the day



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All pictures  Destin Bradwell 2005