Switzerland: Interlaken and Jungfrau Region (June 2005)


Wow, we love Switzerland!  It is like paradise here.  As much as we liked Italy, 

we were ready for a change, and Switzerland was a breath of fresh air.. literally!

It was a relief to be away from the fearless and crazy drivers that called Italy home.

As we crossed the border, life slowed to a tranquil pace, the people became more 

friendly, things were clean and well cared for, and the scenery was amazing!  This 

is definitely a place to come back to in the future!



Our first glimpse of the Alps as we neared Switzerland



Alpine landscape at sunset



Brrrrr... cold and rainy weather greeted us at the top of Grimsel Pass



Lauterbrunnen - our hometown in the Alps for three days

(our campsite was just beneath the large waterfall)



Going up the lift inside a mountain at 'light speed' to Trummelbach Falls



Trummelbach Falls is a series of ten glacier-fed waterfalls flowing inside a mountain 

It drains over 5,000 gallons of water per second from the surrounding glaciers.




Taking a scenic ride up the mountain to Wengen



Overlooking the lush evergreen trees from the train 



The clouds and rain only add to the beauty here...



Destin took this the 'front door' of our tent



After a few minutes of hearing bells approaching, a parade of cows appeared



Walking through town on their way to milking



One of the many forms of mountain transport that we used to get around



This was fun.  We took this cable car from Murren to Gimmelwald.  It was the tourist

thing to do, but it is also the locals' main means of transportation.



Average homes here all have above-average views...



But our view was still the best!



Another picture from the 'front door' of our tent



Minutes later, people began falling from the sky... and safely landing on their feet



Trading in our brake shoes for brand new, custom made ones from a Swiss mechanic

in Lauterbrunnen.  (Geo Metro parts are not readily available in Europe)



One last look at Interlaken as we got back on the Autostrade.



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All pictures  Destin Bradwell 2005