Mont Blanc - Europe's Highest peak (June 2005)


After spending a few days relaxing in the Swiss Alps, we felt brave enough to 

make our way back down into Italy for a second chance at visiting Europe's 

highest mountain, Mont Blanc (it was rainy the first time, so we kept driving).

It stands at over 15,780 feet, and serves as part of the border for Italy and France.



The forecast called for perfect sun in the morning, and then the clouds for the afternoon.

This is from through the windshield as we left our campground at 7am.  



We arrived in time for the first lift of the day!  This was from about 11,000 feet

and we were still going up.  



Very unusual cloud formations... this one we called the 'jellyfish' cloud.



Doing the 'tourist' pose



The world travelers, Mo and Moet.  Even they were a little chilly up here!



Crossing the border from Italy to France at over 12,000 feet.  We even got a stamp

in our passports to prove it!



The clouds began rolling in by mid-afternoon... lucky us, it made things even more beautiful!



From the lift, we saw these giant frozen pools of blue ice on the glacier.



Definitely the road less traveled...  we preferred the aerial view.



About to cross the border from bravery to insanity.  These people are repelling into a

crack in the glacier.  



The spectacular panoramic view from our highest point, 12,604 feet.  



Look closely and you can see a couple of people hiking up the side of Mont Blanc. 



Destin decided to give it a try...  got to 12,606 feet  (started at 12,605)



This was one of our favorite pictures.  Mount Rose towers in the distance.



Happy as can be!



More thrill seekers prepare to jump off the side of Mont Blanc and paraglide to the 

valley thousands of feet below.



Here's one of the paragliders in flight, sometimes taking over an hour to reach the bottom.



Another look at Mont Blanc, Europe's highest peak at 15,780 feet.



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All pictures  Destin Bradwell 2005