Austria: Innsbruck, Salzburg and the countryside (June 2005)


We spent a couple days in Austria on our way to Prague.  The landscape was picturesque

with rolling hills and plenty of farmland.  



This is a glimpse of the typical Austrian landscape - Freistadt



Walking the streets of Innsbruck taking it all in



Innsbruck's claim to fame, the 'famous' Golden Roof.

... we think it should be the ice cream, Yummy!!!



The colorful town square in Innsbruck



Salzburg - a city rich with history, art and culture.  We thoroughly enjoyed it here!



'The Sound of Music' was based on the story of the Von Trapp family who lived

here in 1940s.



A look at Salzburg from their medieval fortress on the hill



This colorful building was the birthplace of Mozart in 1756.



Mozart grew up here... 

Ok, moving on...



Mozart has seen better days...



Parts of Salzburg date back to over 1,300 years ago



Beautiful spires decorate the Salzburg skyline



The Cathedral - built in 1614



Inside the Cathedral, this Dome was reconstructed after being destroyed in World War II



Yummy... fresh Austrian strawberries!  We couldn't resist the temptation.

The strawberry lady got such a kick out of us that she gave us our pickings for free!!!

... we should have picked more :)



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All pictures  Destin Bradwell 2005