Prague, Czech Republic - The City of 100 Spires (June 2005)


Wow, we made it to the Czech Republic!  This was a country we were hoping to get to,

but thought we wouldn't have enough time to get there... but we did!  That's another 

thing we love about Europe, everything is so close together here!  Prague had great

energy!  When arriving at the campground, we were warned to be a little extra cautious 

when going about the city, but we felt very comfortable and welcome.



We were so excited to be there... can't you tell!



Across the Vtalva River, Prague Castle towers above the surrounding buildings



Keeping their tradition, 'Changing of the Guard' every hour



St. Vitus Cathedral was the highlight of our visit to Prague Castle.



 St. Vitus is rich with stained-glass windows like this one...



Vladislav Hall was used regularly for jousting contests put on by King Vladislav in 1500s.



We were debating this modern art piece...  is it pro-EU or anti-EU?



The smallest house in Prague, now a tourist attraction to make short people feel tall



A real work of art... and it tells the time too!

(Astronomical Clock outside the Old Town Hall)



We got up early the second day to enjoy Charles Bridge without all the street vendors

and mobs of tourists.



Just after 9am and the tourists were beginning to show up. 



One of the many statues along Charles Bridge



Prague's most visited statue (of St. Peter).  It is said to be good luck to touch it.



Passers by make a wish as they touch the base of St. Peter's statue (notice the two

spots that are polished to a shine)



Afternoon in the Old Town Square



The Church of Our Lady before Tyn - begun in 1365



Prague is called the 'City of 100 Spires.'  Here's fourteen of them!



Wenceslas Square was decorated with many exhibits of modern art, such as this one.



"Even Superheroes Have Bad Days" was one of our favorites.


The Old Jewish Cemetery - due to discrimination, until 1787 this was the only burial

ground allowed for the Jews of Prague.  Therefore the tombs were piled atop one 

another in many layers causing the cemetery to look so crowded.



Another 'inspiring' view... get it?



The ceiling inside Old Town Hall - from the 1300s



Off to school...



'Swan-zilla' stalking our neighbors at the campsite along the Vtalva River.



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All pictures  Destin Bradwell 2005