Denmark - Copenhagen & Egeskov Castle (June 2005)


We never expected to make it this far north!  Denmark was like a giant playground... literally!

We stopped at the Tourism Office after crossing the border to get some suggestions.

Top points of interest included Lego Land, Hans Christian Anderson's hometown, a huge

indoor water park, and a town that makes heart-shaped cookies!  The friendly and

welcoming people made our stay there very enjoyable.




Destin in his 'homeland!'  Looks just like a local... with a tan!



Getting comfortable at our campsite on the island of Fyn.



One of our favorite things about Denmark was their playgrounds.



We could have been happy never leaving the campground.

(Every campground in Denmark had at least one of these!)



Egeskov Castle - originally built in the 16th century



'Tree-walking' was one of the attractions at Egeskov.



It claims to be Europe's best preserved moated castle.



A natural picture frame



One of the castle's many hedge mazes.  It was enjoyable at first, but after 45 minutes

of going in circles we were questioning our decision to take on the maze.  Now we

know how the rats feel... but we weren't rewarded with cheese :( 



A traditional Danish straw rooftop



A colorful resident of Egeskov's gardens



After 10pm and the sun just went down.  It stayed light till about midnight. 

... yes Moms, those are salads we are eating.



Copenhagen - One of our favorite capital cities.  



Nyhavn Canal - One of Copenhagen's more colorful areas



It was lined with tourist cafes, street performers and plenty of happy beer-drinking

locals watching from the sidelines.



Round and round the 'Round Tower' seven times till we reached the top.  It was

designed to be horse accessible in 1642.



Looking out at the bridge that connects Denmark to Sweden.



'The Little Mermaid' statue recognizing one of Hans Christian Anderson's

most famous fairytales.



St. Alban's Church from across the pond



Special traffic lights for bikes! We thought this was too cool!



Visiting Tivoli Gardens in the evening



Showcasing more of Hans Christian Anderson's famous fairytales... Swan-zilla returns!

Most know the story as 'The Ugly Duckling.'



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All pictures  Destin Bradwell 2005