Amsterdam, The Netherlands (June 2005)


Amsterdam is famous around the world for it's 'live and let live' attitude and

acceptance of everyone, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation etc.

Though this is true, it wasn't quite what we expected.  It had more than the 

famous 'Red-Light District' and 'Coffee Shops.   We found Amsterdam to be a 

beautiful city with more canals than Venice, a rich history, great architecture, 

and a friendly population.  



One of Holland's famous windmills



A flashback from the hippie days 



Certain coffee shops serve more than just coffee... although, contrary to popular belief,

marijuana is not legal in Amsterdam.  It is, however, overlooked in certain designated




More than half of The Netherlands is built on the water... literally.  However, unlike

Venice, it has streets to get around on instead of just canals.



Bicycles are the preferred means of travel inside the city.  No cars allowed in this

downtown parking garage!



Typical modern Dutch architecture



Many residents live permanently on their houseboats along the canals



Some houseboats are more luxurious than others



Here's a sign you wouldn't normally see along a canal



Another pretty view along the canals



The 'Old Church' stands in the heart of the Red Light District



Cars are kept out of many of the roads to make room for the walkers and bikers

(there's one of the designated 'coffee shops' on the left)



Different supermarkets sell different things... 



Here's one of our favorite canals, near Anne Franks house



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All pictures  Destin Bradwell 2005