The Catacombs beneath Paris  (July 2005)


What an eerie place!  It's definitely unique.  Buried 20 meters below the

city of Paris are miles of tunnels housing the bones of millions of Parisians.

These bones were relocated during the French Revolution in order to make

more space for the living.  



We entered the Catacombs through this long, seemingly-endless dark tunnel.



These two skulls were our first glimpse as we entered.



Amongst the miles of carefully stacked bones and skulls are numerous stone monuments

with spiritual and peaceful inscriptions.



In many of the sections, the skulls are used to form different shapes and designs.



Look closely and you'll see 14 skulls arranged in the shape of a heart.



No barriers separate the visitors from the bones.   



A detailed look at the way the bones are stacked.



The outer walls are femur bones decorated with skulls, and the remaining bones

are piled behind and atop the walls.



Its amazing how intact some of the 17th century remains can be.



This last section before the exit seems to resemble a chapel.



Between five and six million Parisian's were relocated here between 1785 and 1860.



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All pictures  Destin Bradwell 2005