Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions & answers:

Question: Do you sell your photos online? 

Answer: Yes.  I just finished completing my new website,, which allows people to order online.  If you are interested in a particular photo that you do not see on my new site, please email me and I can arrange it.  Thanks :)

Question: What type of camera equipment do you use?

Answer: I am a Canon man.  I currently use the 12.8mp Canon 5D and the 8.2 mp Canon 20D, along with a variety of Canon lenses.  For underwater photography, I use the 7.1mp Canon S70 with an underwater housing.  

Question: Do you 'Photoshop' all your images?

Answer: It is my goal as a photographer to get the photo right when I am taking it, rather than modifying it on the computer later.  I do have Photoshop and use it occasionally for minor things.  Mainly, I use it for underwater photography to remove some of the blue that comes naturally as you dive deeper in the water.  

Question: Do you sell a CD-Rom with your photos?

Answer: Yes.  I just finished compiling an interactive CD-Rom showcasing the Big Island of Hawaii.  The CD includes a screensaver with over 75 photos from around the Big Island, as well as 16 images that can be used as your 'Desktop Background.'  It is for sale on my new website,  It is very user-friendly!

More coming soon...