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Situated on the windward side of Mauna Loa (the tallest mountain on Earth)  is the lush Hamakua Coast.

Through this area, the road winds dramatically along countless gulches and waterfalls.  

Plus there are hidden black sand beaches and surf spots that are safely tucked away 

from the occasional tourists that pass through.  Welcome to Paradise!


Waipi’o Valley: once the political and religious center of Hawaii



Waterfalls everywhere! (Rainbow Falls)



Taking in the view from the ‘must-see’ Waipi’o lookout


A view from highway 19 as it crosses one of many deep ravines along the scenic Hamakua Coast



The lush forests in the Hilo area are bursting with colorful and exotic plant life


Flowering ginger



A short hike through groves of flourishing bamboo leads you to 

the 420 foot cascade known as Akaka Falls


Wax lilies grow like weeds here

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