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Kona is situated on the leeward (western) coast of Hawaii's Big Island.  It' is hot and dry here.

The coastline stretches over seventy miles of black volcanic rock that feeds into  the 

Pacific Ocean.  It was beautiful, but not what I imagined Hawaii to be like... 



Leis - A Hawiian tradition


Welcome to Hawaii!  Notice the different layers of lava rock from earlier eruptions.


I loved the contrast here!  The white coral, black lava, green palms, and blue water.


This form of 'Hawaiian graffiti' is accepted, but only along this one stretch of highway.

(Words are spelled out with white coral carried up from the coast)


A piece of art... and no, it wasn't me that made this one... it was already there!


More of the volcanic coastline.


Hapuna Beach, located north of Kona


A palm tree umbrella, I like the concept!


In my opinion, this is a MUST SEE!


Puuhonua O Honaunau is more commonly referred to as the 'City of Refuge.'


Until the early 19th century, Hawaiians who broke a kapu or one of the ancient laws

could avoid certain death if they could successfully flee to this 'place of refuge.'  

Once here, the offender would be absolved by a priest, and then be free to leave.


These wood wood kii (statues) guard the temple where the bones of 23 Hawaiian 

royalties are buried.



These guys are very photogenic!


Kona is also famous for its beautiful sunsets over the Pacific

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