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Snorkeling is also a MUST DO while in Hawaii.  Just remember to respect the reef 
and the animals living on it.  For me, one of the most exciting underwater experiences 

is to watch the honus (Hawaiian turtles) feed and swim along the coast.  Just 

another reminder... do not approach the honus.  Give them space and watch from

 a distance.  They are not afraid of humans, so don't be surprised is one happens to 

swim right by you.  Enjoy.



Just cruising past me... no worries, dude!  


Yellow Tangs off to school in Kealakekua Bay


The cute Guinea Fowl puffer fish


A “crayon” sea urchin


A pair of Orange Banded Butterflies


A Hawksbill Turtle resting safely on the warm black sand at Punalu’u Beach Park




ALOHA...yes, that's me, posing by the cinderblocks about 25 feet under

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