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Home to the World's most active volcano, as well as Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire.

Since 1952, Kilauea has erupted 34 times, and has been erupting continuously since 1983.  


2100+ Fahrenheit Lava flows toward the sea through an underground ‘tube’ 

creating an explosive environment where it meets the water


Here's a 30-second exposure, showing lava entering the ocean (on right),
and surface flows up on the hill side (left).   Recently, I took a 9-hour roundtrip hike 

with my camera gear to get a closer look.  Below are some photos from that hike!


Here I go, beginning my nine-hour hike.


After getting soaked, I was rewarded with a spectacular rainbow!


After about three hours, I reached the far side of the roped off area.


From here, I had a great view of the plume and the lava


With my telephoto lens, I was able to get a better look at the action


Conditions seemed to change by the second. At some points, the lava appeared

completely surrounded.


Multiple lava entries appeared for a second.


This one shows a wave crashing on the newly-formed black sand beach


After hiking another three hours, I reached the lower flows on the hill side


Red-hot lava was just below the surface


This is one of my favorites, showing the lava oozing slowing as it hardens


Minutes later, it was completely dark... then I had a three hour trip back to the car


Here's a time exposure photo from another recent trip to the volcano. 


It was amazing watching the waves and lava joining each other.


Below are some more photos from throughout Volcanoes National Park:


Lava rock is glass-like in texture and color


Early Hawaiian Petroglyphs along the Pu’u Loa trail


Danger... what danger?


In 1988 lava permanently buried a nine mile stretch of the Chain of Craters road

 which once connected through to the Puna district

The 'vog' from the steam plume creates a mystical sunset


Sunset is a popular time to come witness the lava entering the Ocean.


Here's what most people see if they stay around just past sunset.  Its an awesome sight!

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