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While in Kauai, we had time to do one dive.  Instead of doing a typical dive with 

lots of colorful coral and fish, we found ourselves swimming in the dark through narrow

passageways that were once filled with flowing lava.  A little scary, but fun!  Other sea life 

included huge green sea turtles, a monk seal, and nenes.


Entering the water at Tunnels Beach


A fellow diver exploring the submerged lava tubes


Looking up from about 30 feet below the surface



Navigating through the narrow passages created by the volcano thousands of years ago


We floated in the surf with these huge Green Sea Turtles while listening to them

 munch on algae from the reef.  Pretty Cool


A two year old Monk Seal on Poi'pu Beach


Everyone needs a pillow!


The Nene is Hawaii's state bird, and has no natural predators



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