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Maui is Hawaii's 'Valley Isle.'   During my three days here, I accomplished a lot!  First, I drove

the scenic Western Coast, snorkeled a little, and relaxed at 'Iao State Park.  On my second day,

I went to Haleakala Crater for sunrise and then coasted back down to sea level on a bicycle.

But my biggest highlight involved the famous 'Drive to Hana.'    


My first look at Maui from the highway


Tucked away in Western Maui is 'Iao Valley State Park



Drying out after swimming in the river that cuts through 'Iao Valley


Wild Bird of Paradise


The volcanic northern coast of Maui


One of the many protected bays ideal for snorkeling


 Looking out at Haleakala Crater on the eastern side of Maui

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